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What is the circuit needed 4 a telecom jammer?is there any way we can make one ourselves wid locally available stuff?? Answered

i am asking about a jammer that is used to block signals. like the ones which jam or disable mobile phones in an area or the ones which prevent eavesdropping in a room etc..


Broadcasting radio frequencies without a licence is not on, however to prevent a tape recorder from picking up conversations in a room one could play a high frequency tape or disc at 30khz(Supersonic) This is inaudible to you but the recorder will hear it and be overloaded preventing the conversation from being recorded.
Some people are affected by high frequencies so you may get complaints, but in general sound waves are OK.

Why do you need one?

Also, most of the required high speed components will have to be ordered on-line.

we actually have a project to do and it needs to be something different coz our old prof is real hard 2 please!!! if u have any idea of hw 2 do dis or u hav any other project in mind plz help me out..is there any project that can impress a prof flat out??

Prefer not to help in the design and construction of a highly illegal device.

Good point. You can't jam effectively without broadcasting illegally. Since you're broadcasting, you're VERY easy to track down with a direction finder. Not exactly the result you were looking for -- rather than getting rid of suspected intrusion, you're begging for an intrusion.

And since the odds of anyone caring enough about you to bug you are near zero anyway...


8 years ago

Just have a siren attached to a battery hidden a room.  It'll make so much noise, nobody would be able to hear anything!

Maybe not useful, but very funny!  To me, anyway.