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What is the code to activate an RC soda machine? Answered

There is an RC machine in my school that they actually keep stocked with soda and it turns on after school hours i need to know if there is a "password" button combination to unlock it early.



"and it turns on after school hours"
Why, and where did you get this?


Many school districts in the U.S. are limiting or eliminating students' access to sweet sodas and salty snacks, for health reasons. There's often something of an outcry behind the scenes from the teachers and staff if those same bad-for-you things are taken away completely (so they can't get to them either). Hence, the deployment of "time-locked safes" :-)

You mean that the machine is configured only to serve staff out of hours? You'd think that would be unprofitable. Moving it to a staff-only area would make more sense?


Alright, this hack relies upon the periodic nature of the signal that's locking and unlocking the soda machine. Basically what you have to do is this: 1) Approach the machine after school hours, at a time when you expect it to be unlocked. 2) Buy a soda, but don't open it. 3) Bring the unopened soda with you to school the next day. By this time the machine should have returned to its school-hours locked state. 4) Open the soda and drink it. Victory never tasted so sweet! And fizzy!

Pretty nifty hack. I'll bet you could mod this to work on candy machines also.

Oh yeah, this would probably work for candy machines too, if it's the same kind of time-lock. ;-)

I love the smell of caramel flavoring in the morning. It smells like....victory.

. Try "8675309"

There is probably a key switch some where on the machine that will activate a manual over ride. There may even be a regular switch hidden somewhere that does that. Or there may not be any switch to allow for manual over ride.

I'd bet that the switch is inside the machine -- which means that it's effectively beyond any student's ability to access, and probably beyond the ability of most of the staff.

I would expect that this is simply a clock-timer and can't be overriden unless you have the key to open the machine. If you want soda during the day, bring cans from home.

... Bringing cans from home will be much cheaper, too. They won't be cold, unless you can get ice from the cafeteria, but...