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What is the "collections" option under the "Instructables" tab of my "you page"? Answered

I am trying out different functions of Instructables. I realized I could try out the question function by asking about another function I don't know about.


Collections are intructables you make that have a certain theme and brings together instructables across the site that fits that theme.

I still don't get it.
I see the +Collection link on everybody's Instructables, not just my own.
But it's not my place to add someone else's instructable to a collection, is it?

You can add any Instructable to a collection. As long as you are logged in, you should see "+ Collection" button next to "I made it" and "Favorite." Can you screen shot what you are seeing?

On your instructable there is a +collection button. This puts that instructable in the draft collections section.

OK good answer. Do you know if maybe there is an Instructable that tells you how to use it? Because now I know what it is, however it's not clear how to use it. Maybe someone should do an Instructable on Instructables for new members.