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What is the colour code for 4,5&,8 volt Resistor? Answered


Hey Milin!!... actually, when it comes to resistors, we talk about their colour codes in terms of the resistance they offer, and not the voltage across which you intend to put them.....

In case you meant 'ohm' , well, here they are (5%, 4 band)....
4ohm = Yellow Black Gold Gold
5ohm = Green Black Gold Gold
8ohm = Grey Black Gold Gold

In case you wanted to know the colour code of more resistors as per their resistance, visit this link.... :D

Hope this answers your question!!!.... :D

I appreciate your answer but i want that If input 12Volts resistor should give output of 4 volts & so on 5 Volts & 8 Volts.

Ah!... looks like you need a voltage divider!!!...

Well, for that, you need to know before-hand, the current flowing in your circuit...
Then, just divide the voltage you need to drop across your resistor by the current flowing (taken in amperes) ... and you are done... for instance, look below!!!...

For a current of say 0.5A and input= 12V, you ned to put in series with your input, first a resistor of 8ohms, then a resistor of 6ohms, then 2ohms and finally of 6 ohms... then at A, you are getting 8 volts...at B, 5V, at C, 5 volts....problem solved!!!.... :D

The easy way to read resistors is to start at the left side. The 1st two colors are just their number representation. for example the 1st color might be YELLOW. And yellow represents the number 4. The 2nd color might be VIOLET (or purple). and that color represents the number 7. So far we have "47" but the 3rd color tells us HOW MANY ZEROS to use. For example.. if the 3rd color was ORANGE... we know the color orange represents 3. So just add 3 zeros to the 47... that gives us 47000 ohms. This could also be written as "47K" Ohms, because 47K Ohms means the same thing as 47000 ohms. (K just means "add 3 zeros). The LAST number of a resistor is usually either silver or gold. Silver represents a 10% tolerance resistor. Gold represents a 5 percent tolerance. (the value of the resistor might be 5 or 10 percent than the color code shows). That is the procedure. Don't be fooled if you get a resistor with BLACK as the 3rd color. Black represents "0" so
in our example above... yellow, violet , BLACK, gold... would be a 47 (with NO zero's) so it is just a 47 ohm resistor. and would be 5 percent. Just to let you know, you won't see many 10% resistors anymore. Most are manufactured today with a GOLD tolerance band so they are 5%. The other colors NOT mentioned in this answer are: BROWN=1.... RED=2.... YELLOW=4.... GREEN=5 .... BLUE=6 .... GRAY=8 .... WHITE = 9

Do you mean to ask something like "What size resistor do I need for a component, like an LED if I use 4, 5, or 8 volts? And what is the color code of that size resistor?"