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What is the coolest thing you've ever done? Answered

What is the coolest thing you've ever done? Try to not make it up but if you do, make it believable and beast-mode. I'll go first.... one day, i was at my uncles house for thanksgiving, and he has a 1961 Corvette Makoshark Convertible (fourth picture). i had just turned sixteen and he knew that that car was the coolest thing i had ever seen. so, on the first day of the new school year (high school, sophomore) he let me drive it to school for a full week. it was so awesome, i don't even think sex is better than driving that car. (well, maybe sex while driving it). that was the coolest thing in my life.


beat Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary

I can't tell you, sorry, my wife might read this.

However, when Eric asked me to write a section intro for the Best of Instructables, Yeah that was freaking cool.

i have done a large animation on powerpoint that has 3546 slides exactly

I looked at your icon.. that is thegigglescoolest thing ever!

hey, by the way, how do you make small text? no one will tell me and i cant figure it out...

. Joined Ibles. ;)

Star Wars rock band... Now that is awesome...

As for me? It's mostly limited to a bunch of minor awesome things, never a single grand thing.

Wow! The '61 vette is pretty cool. (I'll plead the fifth, in regard to "other" activities while driving.) I let one of my kids drive my '85 vette when he was 13. I let him ride my '73 Harley when he was 14. I never got to do anything cool like that when I was a kid!

truly a memorable experience it was to drive the vette. i mean, after that day i never looked at a car the same. my friends would be like, "hey dude, i just got a new ford pinto!" and im all like, "wow, driving that car is like driving one of those Flintstones cars compared to the '61 vette." i wish i could do it again but my uncle had to sell it to pay for his damn taxes (stupid government). but, he sold it for like 107,000 dollars or something because it was in pretty good condition.