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What is the correct picture size ? Answered

Hi, just wondering what is the correct picture size for Instructables ? I'm uploading 700 x 519 pix pictures. 
Also, since all my pictures on Instructables look wrinkled, I was wondering if it's possible to choose to show pictures in static means ( simply list all pictures in line, so visitors can scroll down instead of click for the next picture ). Static pictures may provide much better image quality. -- My poor suggestion.


You can upload any dimension pictures you like, and as large as you like. I'd suggest a minimum of 400px.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'wrinkled', your pictures look fine to me.
Also, the image thumbnails that appear on the feed are designed to be viewed as a square, you may take that into consideration when choosing your 'main intro image'.


6 years ago

Thanks for the answers. Whatever way to show the pictures, I just want to get rid of the wrinkles. guess the wrinkles is caused by incorrect picture size or the dynamic display. If you have time to check www.behance.net, this site displays pictures in a static way, and it provides great image quality :)

You can upload photos as large as you like.

If you want images to be scrollable, write a step-by-step project with one image per step.

Why are you using 700x519? It's an odd size.
800x600 is more usual.