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What is the difference between Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, and Wubuntu? Answered

I'm confused.



. To oversimplify a bit: Linux is an offshoot of Unix. Ubuntu is an offshoot of Linux. And Wubuntu is some kind of web app that tries to emulate the behavior of Ubuntu. . If you are looking for a home OS, Ubuntu is probably the best choice out of the lot.

The L, The B, The T, The X, The I and the W. ;-)

Linux is a computer O.S. which is a free and open source software. Although many different varieties of Linux exist, all are Unix-like and based on the Linux kernel, which is an operating system kernel.

Ubuntu is also a computer O.S. based on the Debian distribution (as @someone456 mentioned) and distributed as free and open source software.Ubuntu is designed mainly for use on P.C. as, far as i know, a server edition also exists.

There is no such thing as WUBUNTU as far as im concerned, but dr is WINE UBUNTU (ubuntu version) and dn ofcourse WUBI(as discussed by others) which runs as an APP in WINDOWS.

ok imagine unix as the core of an apple no pun intended linux and os x are different flavors of unix, ubuntu is a spin off of linux designed to give it a better gui and more features, and I never heard of wubuntu till today but from what I can gather it is a web based spin off of ubuntu but it's not that good of an idea because you need an os to get to the site which emulates an os so you will need an os to use a bad and slower version of an os that is not even full featured.

I know this is already answered, but here is a better one (no offense NachoMahma).

Linux is a kernel that literally means "Unix-Like". Unix, is another type of kernel. Ubuntu, is a distribution of Linux, that tries to make a simple to use interface that anyone can use, yet still can be used by admins and power users for advanced needs. SUSE is another distribution of Linux, but from a different company. I've never even heard of Wubuntu, so just trust NachoMahma.

Here is some more info:   Ubuntu uses the Gnome Desktop Environment (GDE), while Kubuntu uses the K Desktop Environment (KDE). Xubuntu, uses the Xfice Desktop Environment. They are all the same Ubuntu distro, and the kernel is Linux on all of them, but they all feel and look different from each other. It's mostly personal preference. My Ubuntu system is set up with KDE and Gnome, and I choose which ever one I want at login.

Well, I hope I helped, even 2 years after the question was posted!

Well, Linux and Unix are both open source, but the big difference is the license. Most Unix releases you will see are released under the BSD license, which says you can pretty much do anything you want with the code. (ex. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.) Linux is released under the GNU GPL which says you can do anything you want with the code, but you have to keep it open source (which is why mac is based on Unix). (ex. Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Knoppix, etc.) Ubuntu is a Linux "distro" , which means it is the Linux operating system with some modifications and additions. And I've never heard of Wubuntu, but if you mean Wubi, then what xc1024 is right.


9 years ago

@N1CK4ND0 - Ubuntu is NOT for small servers. It's for desktops. @lemonie - As far as I know Unix isn't open source Linux is Unix clone. Unix is OS for mainframe computers. Ubuntu is a "flavour" (or "distro") of Linux. There is no such thing as Wubuntu, AFAIK. Did you mean Wubi? If yes, then Wubi is Ubuntu version installed and uninstalled from the Windows level to let beginners use Ubuntu without harming themselves.

Ubuntu is an OS for small servers.

UNIX is an open source system (you could look it up), as such anyone can use it's components. The systems you've listed, as Nacho says, are UNIX-based variants, as is Mac OS-X. One of the reasons there's so many of these is that the base-system is open-source (look that up too).
Each has it's own windowed interface running on top, and not having much experience with these, I'd guess that this where you'd notice the difference.