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What is the differenece between a flarred,tappered,and normal end for a burner? Id like high heat and high speed.? Answered

Im just wondering...its gonna be more of a high heat engine and it is meant to throw heat.


Flared gets bigger at the end, tapered gets smaller, normal doesn't change. It has to do with how fast the flame propagates or moves threw the fuel mix. Some burners need a tapered end so that the flame can stay on the end of the burner (self aspirated propane, or the Reil burners are an example). A lot of it is either going threw 4 years of college and doing the math or spending a week or so tweeking things and learning by trial and error.

What would be the best for a forge gas input?

If you are using a naturally aspirated (no blower) venturi propane burner as a torch (outside a furnace) you need a tapered end or the flame can fly off the end or climb inside the tube. If you put the same burner into a furnace, you don't need the tapered end. Everything depends on what you are doing and what you have. Experiment : )