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What is the easiest and best way to get the entire lable and glue off of a plastic soda bottle? Answered


Pell of all of the lable you can. if it is a paper lable rough the stuff you cant get off with sandpaper. soak it in boiling warter with loads of dish wash soap over night. then see how it comes off

Pour hot water onto the lable, leave for a few seconds and then peel off.
Remove the gum (sticky) with lighter fluid. Thats it. It works because I did all my IQ Lights (Milk Bottles) and Pop Bottles (floral shapes) this way.

I'm going to have to look you up :) Thanks

And, lighter fluid doesn't leave a residue on the bottle?

None at all. Works very well I promise.


7 years ago

You mean other than a high speed grinder :-D

You already have the necessary tool !
Use a hair dryer to soften the glue and peel the label
Follow the peel line with the dryer.


Funny!!!! I like to get things done quickly LOL!

It depends ion the adhesive used to secure the label. In some cases, I'd had to do little more than fill the bottle with hot water, then soak it in a deep pot of hot water for several hours. In some cases, adhesive is left in place and alcohol will remove the residue. In some cases, no matter what I try, the adhesive stays in place.

try wetting the bottle then freezing it, then let it sit around for a while, and let water condense on it. usually then the label will come off.
otherwise, wet and make really hot, and the label oughta liquify and come off.
heat by filling with boiling water.

Rip it off, then use lighter fluid to get rid of the glue.


7 years ago

Naphtha, plain old lighter fluid woks great.

See Im a non-smoker LoL