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What is the electrical output in amps of a regular car cigarette lighter? Answered


check the fuse. usuall they fuse for cigarete lighter is the same for the autoradio. usually 15amps

I wouldn't recommend pulling more than 100 watts from one though (about 8 amps) for any reasonable amount of time.

Another thought: 12V halogen lighting unit - people throw these out, and they're not that expensive anyway. Compare wattages on the compressor and what you find in the lighting-section (of wherever).


It's all relative. Your regular car's manual should tell you (checking the fuse is fine if you know which one it is)
What did you want to run off it?


I have an air compressor that is 12 volt and I  want to make it  run on a regular A/C outlet. 

Ah, that's a different question. You're asking "What power supply do I need for (this)?". What product is it (so we can know the spec')?


I have a couple of 12 volt wall adapters but they are rated in the milliamp range.  My compressor is a cheap one from the auto parts store and simply plugs in a regular 12 volt outlet.  I keep killing my car battery when I host an all day pneumatic cannon escapade. 

I collect broken stereos and stuff, some of them have some good heavy power supplies. A car-battery charger might do itl for you (or a car-battery, but they're bloody-heavy). Looking for "cheap ones from the auto parts store", I get up to 10A.
The trouble with these is they're designed to run off your battery, which as you know can supply a lot and run-down as it does so...