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What is the first thing you look at in a website? Answered

I am redesigning my website (again) but this time I am doing it all myself. No Wordpress or phpBB involved this time!! And this year in my Computing class, I have learned a fair bit on contrast, hierarchy, and how to lay website elements out proportionally.

Have a look at what I've made so far: http://geekify.geek.nz (all the links are dummies, and the navibar has a couple of bugs in it).

However I want to find out what people first look at, when they visit a new website.
Is it a big banner, bright colours, a logo, an annoying 10min Flash intro?

For instance, what first catches your eye on this....design crime: http://www.havenworks.com/ ?


I have my comments page set as my homepage.


7 years ago

Usually, my eyes naturally fall on the section of my monitor in the area of 1/4 to 1/2 the way down the monitor. If there is something visually interesting there, I check it out and then scan down the rest of the screen. If nothing there attracts my attention, often, I don't even look at the very top of an uninteresting page.


7 years ago

I agree with ork. When I view a website I am usually not looking for the info on the home page (unless it is an address or phone number). I am looking for something else within the site. If the links/navigation/search options are easy, quick, and intuitive, I am happy. If I have to click around/guess/grope about for the info I want, I usually go elsewhere. Flash intros are a pain. I always click through them. Banners, colors, logos- I couldn't care less. I want the info to be at my fingertips.

Whether it has anything interesting to say (or, occasionally, show).

Content isn't the most important thing; it's the ONLY thing. The rest is just a matter of making the content easy to access.

color, graphics, user friendly