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What is the lag time when you use Carbon Dioxide air tanks for paintball? Answered

I need to know the time it takes for C02 to regain pressure firing.


Depends on how much flow restriction there is between the tank and the chamber in the gun, plus the size of the chamber in the gun, plus how much of the pressure actually escapes from the gun during the shot... and of course what the remaining pressure is in the tank.

I don't think there's a simple answer. It should be possible to measure it for your own equipment. It may also be possible to calculate at least some of it if you have good measurements of the tank, the regulator, the hose...

Also, the temperature of the air. The liquid CO2 needs heat to turn into gas and re-pressurize.

while this is true, the tank pressure of >1000psi (I believe in the 3000psi range) compared to the operational pressure of the gun around 100-200psi, there's a huge temperature drop, but the pressure drop should be sufficient to allow the gaseous expansion without freezing it solid.

use air...nuff said

Realistically, CO2 in liquid form coming from the tank to a sufficiently sized expansion chamber can fire paintballs faster than any physical mechanism is capable of loading balls into the breech.

Reason being, the liquid can be evacuated from the tank in less than a minute, so long as the pressure drop doesn't cause it to re-liquify at rather cold temperatures, and you have a big enough expansion chamber to let it boil into gas, you're fine.

A friend did an engineering project for university where they had to design a loader that did not protrude from the top of the gun, and could supply 15 rps without breaking the balls. Top loading active feed loaders can easily achieve 30rps these days, which is ridiculous.