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What is the little brown dot on an ipod touch? Answered

Yep that's pretty much it. My friend and I have been wondering what the heck it's purpose is for quite a while.
If you have any idea what it might be please leave a comment below. Thanks!!!!!


Er, I don't have a little brown dot on mine.

Where should it be?

If you hold your ipod up to the light just right, peer under the glass toward the top near the camera lens and you should see it. May be different depending on which gen ipod you have. You will notice some covers or cases will have a spot opened up for the sensor and wondered what that was for.


Nope, still don't see it - maybe I ought to try in full sunlight (so, I'll get back to you sometime in late August...).

Put it under an incandescent lamp. That works for me. Mine is a 2nd gen.

They are the ambient light sensors to work with the display autobrightness control.

They're on a lot of stuff, usually the same dot has the proximity sensor for phones etc.