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What is the lowest horse power engine which can be used in 165lb aircraft? Answered

I want to buid an light aircraft. But I am can't understand which engine can I use in my aircraft. It will be ababout 165 lb. Please help me.



8 months ago

I think It will be like a cri cri aircraft. Length : 6ft, Wing span : 15 ft. Body will be made by aluminium sheet. One engine aircraft. Three landing wheel. The blade may be 140 cm.

You'r still in the world of "I think". You need to do a LOT of thinking and drawing and calculating. You just need much more data to assess what power unit you need.

BUY a plan and follow that. You will be much safer and MUCH MUCH more successful.

Nice idea. Thanks to richarris and iceng.

They TAKE OFF on 2 engines and FLY on a single 9PS engine..

9 PS == 8.87 HP


8 months ago

As the wing gets bigger (no weight change) the horse power goes down, until an athlete can pedal power the frail thing !


So far the lowest power fixed wing production aircraft in your weight range that I have found is 18HP..

What say you ?

And you have heard about fixed wing gliders ?

That isn't an easy question as there are many many other factors, type of aircraft, type of wing, drag factors, All up weight, performance, stall speed, range. Just to mention a few.

This is why most people use an established plan to work from drawn up by a professional aeronautical engineer.

As DU says a good place to start is to look at what others use - HOWEVER there seems to be so much that you don't know at this stage.

Check what others use ;)
There are plenty of light aircraft out there including those you can buy as a kit.
But you do realise that the motor alon does not give you lift or thrust!?