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What is the maximum voltage permitted by an arduino? Answered

Hi guys, how are you all ? I trust Jesus the Almighty God to keep you all safe as He has done for me, Glory be to Him. I am working on a project using the arduino that requires the arduino to be able to move around but not always be connected to a computer. I want to put an external power source but I am not sure the maximum voltage the arduino can handle. Please assist me by telling me the maximum amount of voltage an arduino uno can handle. May God bless all of you. 



Natively, the chip that is on most Arduino's can handle about 6V max, but are rated for 5V. Having said that, Arduino's have a built in voltage regulator that can handle about 12V.

Basic answer: Arduino's can handle 12V.

Quick grammar question: Did I use "Arduino's" properly? Is it with or without an apostrophe? If I didn't, let me know, as I need to learn.

Power: 12VDC



8 months ago

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Well the Arduino does Not, but it can permit up to 20VDC for a very short time which is determined by the type of voltage regulator on the PCB not melting solder.. That euphemism of melting solder is real because the regulator is just a smart resistor in series with the processor and works by wasting the excess voltage greater than the Vcc by turning it into heat..

As Watts = (Vin - Vcc) x Current

Example W=(20-5)x200ma=3watts

Example W=(9-5)x200ma=0.8watts

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Take a well filtered 12V supply and you are good to go.
If battery opt for a deep cycle type.

Yes. you have to be caretul that external loads on the Arduino don't pull too much current, because the heatsinking of the regulator iis inadequate.