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What is the meaning of tag ? Answered

What is the meaning of 1) step by step
2) photos
3) Feature




Best Answer 6 years ago

step by step instructions are just like they sound, the steps to complete a project, in order.

photo instructables are like show and tell -- just showing something off but harder to just say 'this is how I did it' rather 'this is what I did'.

Featured items are picked by staff/volunteers when they represent the cream of the crop - good project, good pictures, good instructions, all required to be featured.

"Tag" means to identify something with a name. For example, with photo's, when you upload them, there's an area to "tag" the images. If you're image is a robot, then you'd "tag" the image with the name "robot". It helps people find images and other things when they are "tagged" with meaningful words. (I hope that helps, and makes sense). ;)

Another way to understand it (since I just noticed), is that you "tagged" your question with the word "violin". Now your question doesn't have anything to do with a violin, but the website took your "tag word", and identified other "related" things (pertaining to violins), and has displayed them on the right. (make sense?)

It is always a good idea to select your tags carefully. This will ensure that people can find your instructables, your questions, your forum topics, and your photos like Canucksgirl said.