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What is the microcontroller that can i use to make humanoid robot ? Answered

I want to know what the microcontroller that can i use and i wish if it is arduino because it will be easier for me to get it .


I sense your somewhat inexperienced with microprocessors 9and probably the rest as well0 This is a VERY complex project and I strongly suggest you start with a smaller idea and build up skills and then build your masterpiece.

BUT your not going to listen and more than likely fail and waste a lot of time and money and perhaps not become the ace robot builder you could be because you didn't follow what is common sense advice give by someone with over 60 years experience in building things large and small.

START SMALL and learn the things you need first - It WILL take time but it will be WORTH it in the end.

first thanks for your comment that made my day , i am really happy that a man over 60 years advice me .

second i built a small sumo robot that works with sensors and Dc motors which made me have more knowledge about arduino , jumbers(wires) , sensors , programing ...etc . So i think i have the basics that can help me to build my master piece as you said , so if you can help i will be glad.

I suggest that for the movement part you should use a ATmega 2560 (The IC used in arduino mega). It has more than enough GPIO's to handle all the servos as well as gyroscope for balance. For the object tracking and voice recognition you should go for Intel Edison since it is quite small and can easily handle these tasks as well as control the ATmega 2560.

But as mentioned by others this project is probably too advanced for someone with your experience but if you still wish to continue with the project you should try out each of the aspects of the project individually. For example just built the lower part of your robot (just the legs) and try to get it to simply walk by using a normal arduino.

After that buy an Edison and learn to setup speech recognition on it, then on the Edison itself tryout the face detection and see how that works out. Then try to establish a successful connection between the ATmega and Edison since the Edison will be the main brains. If you are successful in all these then it would be just the matter of making all these to work together in a portable package which would be the most difficult task of all.

Good luck for your project. Do let me know if you are successful!!

Define humanoid robot. What are you wanting this robot to do and how many motors are you expecting to use?

Any micro controller can be used and added to, to control a bunch of motors.

i want it to walk , move hands , detect voice and detect face and objects

Legs and hand will be about 12 motor

Probably more then a single micro controller can handle. The movment side of it can be done with micro controllers but anything like face tracking or voice recognition will need some more computing power to get working.

more clarification about the computing power please

Think about it this way:
You need the balance and movement part, just speaking of motors here.
On top of that you need the sensors and required feedback for the corresponding motors.
That alone is far more than any Arduino I know could handle, unless you want it pretty basic, which would not make up for a humanoid robot.
For the rest, like visual and auido recognition and the processing of it you need a decent computer which the right programs.
For me that would mean before I even consider to select a microcomputer I would get the requires software together and working so simulations can be run.
And only once these simulations work out perfect it is time to think about hardware make it move something.
So you have at least another year time before you reach the point to decide how to move your robot....

You'll need a micro processor to handle the computing power for voice recognition and face tracking/recognition. Something along the line of a Raspberry Pi.