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What is the most effective and easiest way to study while doing something else? Answered

I usually study most of the time after summer but I still want to do something during school so I need a way to do an ambition while studying, must be very hard ain't it.


Be aware that anything else you do is going to degrade your performance a bit. Like an old computer, your consciousness and attention are forced to switch from one task to the next. You may not even notice how or when the switching occurs. This can manifest in some odd ways, such as a cell phone distracting you from driving more when you imagine the person next to you than when you imagine the person in front of you.

Still, perhaps you can find an activity whose benefits outweigh the costs. For example, you might play a simple instrument as you study, tagging each concept with its own short melody.

The best way to study is to do it a few random times a day. This way your learning won't become state dependent.

While studying for art history, I placed the slides with a caption as my background, set to switch every 5 minutes, I think it helped tremendously.