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What is the most popular Instructable? Answered

What is the most popular instructable in the history of Instructables?


Well if you clicked on "Explore" (like I did), and then chose to see "all" based on "views", you would see that the most popular instructable has been looked at 2,348,009 times, and was published by noahw and it is:


Sigh, Kids just can't figure anything out for themselves anymore.

No, I guess not. It's ironic that "How to Kiss" is the most popular ible... What happened to learning that the old fashioned way? (Kinda like the mother bird tossing the baby bird out of the nest).

After re reading I discovered that I skipped a thought in my answer. (getting to far ahead of myself as usual) My comment was directed towards the most popular instructable and not on the question Blue asked. Meaning that, yes like your thought on it, learning how to kiss should be something kids figure out on their own. And of course experience and practice (lots of practice) are the real teachers for that.

Absolutely. It's not the destination that teaches us... its the journey to it that does.

Now they would be required to have safety harnesses, flotation devices, warning alerts and need to file flight plans. Oh, and a safety crew and officer on the ground to check for hazardous obstacles and possible predators and to secure the landing zone. But then, its really amazing how many birds survive in spite of not being aware of how dangerous the world is. I believe that is called --- life.

Completely irrevelant. Although still the best Instructable I have ever seen.