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What is the newest TR trigger? Answered

The title says it all. =D


And you are going to post it right?

I don't believe that there is a new TR trigger.
By the way are you still going to post your B.L.R?

I heard that someone said that a new trigger is on KI, but they didn't say exactly where. About the B.L.R. ; I have already broke some of it. I don't know why I haven't posted it yet. I have a bunch of half broken guns in my box. The B.L.R. stock wasn't very good, because if you push it down, then it would be floppy. The trigger sometimes would hold a lot of pressure, and sometimes it wouldn't. Maybe I'll post a few internal pictures, but I don't think I'll make full instructions.

Well it is the loading mech which was the best part of it. If you get around to it you could make a gun that uses the same loading mech. Also I hope you make the shotgun I suggested. Mine is a weird longer version of beanostich's Logic shotgun. Mine is very ugly...... I hope yours is pretty looking.

I am working on a shotgun that uses KILLERK's shells. It loads in one shell through the top, and it automatically ejects the shell out the bottom of the gun.

I have made a working prototype, and the mechanism works great. All I need to do now is to make a stock and make the gun look a little better.

You... are a GOD!
You must be one of the new Knex gods.

No it doesn't. The title doesn't say anything. If you are going to post a single line question with no context or explanation save everybody some time and put it into Google, it can read minds, I can't.

This question was meant for people who build K'nex guns. A "TR" is a K'nex Turret
Rifle, and all I wanted to know was what the newest turret rifle trigger is. Google wouldn't be much of a help for my question.

And now people know what you are talking about and can answer your question properly.

Knex people know it immediately when you're talking about a TR trigger, that's why there isn't any explanation, since 'not'-knex people mostly can't answer the question, explanation or no explanation.