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What is the oddest thing you have sent through the mail? Answered

Title is self-explanatory. Did it make it? Or what...


A friend just emailed me a link to a list of bizarre things sent in the mail.

Postal Experiments

Looks like others have tried mailing a fish in a box as well. Yecchh.

I just saw that on digg too :-) Its funny how they check things that they think include drugs, but who would be stupid enough to mail drugs using those methods. I would probably put it in the coconut or something :P

You'd be surprised. Someone mailed a package that had a huge bag of weed wrapped up in a sweater to a student at my college. The recipient had an idea that this might be a bad idea so he got a freshman to accept the package. Sure enough, one day a mail truck arrives at the dorm and when the freshman accepts it he gets arrested by the undercover cop/delivery guy. As the cop is taking the student away he says to him, "Next time, use coffee." This was supposed to be a good college with smart kids, but not too clever. The good ending is that the freshman's dad hired a lawyer and got him out of it. Then there was the time my roommate tried to bring a Capuchin monkey back to America in his coat pocket. That story didn't end so well.

I'm not sure. I know that his defense was that he didn't and was set up for it, but I never heard about that part.

what's to stop someone from sending you a bag of weed just so that you would get arrested just despite you?

I once mailed myself a bannana. I wrote the address right on the peel, and slapped a few stamps on. I never saw it again. Then I recieved some really annoying junk mail, so I filled out the questionare with BS answers, saw a few french fries on the table and threw them into the prepaid response envelope along with a few other bits of food. . Never got any junk mail from them again!

Another thing thats worked for me in the past: If you want to send a local friend a letter for free, ( I wouldnt try it with any important mail) put his address as the sender, and yours as the reciever. If you drop it in a box with no stamp on it, your letter should be returned to the "sender."

that doesn't work anymore

Once when i was little i sent a hotwheels car in the mail, not sure if it ever made it to it's destination.

Rotting fish as a prank. Sadly, it made it. It fermented in the box.

Dr. No

11 years ago

Well that would be a hairless gerbil preseved in methalyne blue!

ive sent a $1200 snake in a styrafoam box with half a dozen hand warmers. beat that paco!

I mailed a "message in a bottle" once. I taped an address label onto a water bottle, stuck some stamps to it, and put my letter rolled up inside. I think I mailed it from NY to Boston.

My Nana came over from Northern Irelnad and when she went back, she forgot a load of laundry in the dryer. It was panties and bras, so I sent 5 sets of bras and panties, express, from Canada to Northern Ireland

I talked to a metalworker a couple weeks ago and he told me that anvils get sent through the mail without any packaging. It's just the anvil with the label stuck to it. Because what the hell can anyone do to an anvil?

Good point. I guess you're right. I'd just hate to be the mailman to deliver those things once a month :-P

After summer camp I had a friend's bottle of shampoo. She insisted that I mail it to her so I wrote the addresses on it with a Sharpie and sent it off. I put some plastic wrap between the bottle and cap to seal it. It made it. Can't remember why I had her shampoo. I never even used it.