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What is the origin of this 1988 Star Trek badge and sound board? Answered

I bought a 1988 dated Star Trek Badge and sound board this weekend at a surplus / junk shop for $25. I have not been able to test the sound board yet (probably)due to dead batteries. I'm not sure what it's origin / significance is. I have some pictures posted above.

Any info is appreciated.




Best Answer 7 years ago

I found a brand new one for sale


And another place that had them.


They made a lot of them. New they are worth a bit, used not so much. It appears the sound board is an add on so its worth a little bit more. You need to sell it to Sheldon Cooper (The big Bang Theory) since he has to much money and not enough junk.

Do you know Sheldon's phone number? : )

This looks to me like it is the insignia/chest communicator. The badge is placed on the outside of the shirt and connected to the box on the inside. When the insignia is tapped, it plays the chirping sound as seen on the late versons of the orignal TV show and possibly TNG also. I agree with Vyger, $5.00 price check but I'm not a collector so don't quote me on it.


7 years ago

It probably makes that twittering like sound that the Star Trek ones did when they touched them to communicate. Their version of a ring tone. I doubt that its one of the original props that they used, but its a possibility. More likely its a mass produced movie promotion thing. Star Trek has been around a long time. $5.00 might have been a better price, check on eBay.