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What is the pinout for a telephone handset? Answered

I need to know which of the four wires that are in a RJ11 connector, is for the microphone and which ones for the speaker on a telephone handset. Thank you very much for your help.


Let me google that for you.....


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All I did was put a few eyeball seconds on the Wikipedia article Steve linked to, and the picture was right there.

Its going to depend on the hand set. Are you talking about a handset that has nothing but a mic and speaker and sits on top of the rest of the phone? Or are you talking about a hand set that has all the button in it?

If your talking about the later then there is no difference between the cord coming from the wall into the base unit and the coiled cord that goes from the base to the hand set. In this case the base unit only holds the ringer and maybe the cut off switch. All the real electronics are in the handset itself. So 2 of the wires are caring 12V DC and the other 2 wires are basically the data lines.

If you are talking about the first one then open up the handset and have a look inside. You'll see right away which wires are the speaker's and which are the mic's. Or you can look at the right hand side of the page here and check out that first Instructable. It shows you how to use the basic handset with your cell phone. So it will ID the mic and speaker wires for you.