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What is the proper name for this kind of button? Answered

Does anybody know what these sorts of buttons are called? I found them at an industrial surplus store a long time ago and they are so cool. I'd like to find more of them if they are still made. They can latch up or down independently and change color between the on and off state mechanically.

It's the mechanical color changing part that fasinates me most, so far, I haven't found evidence of them on the web yet....

Here is a video of the buttons in action.   Thanks for any info..



Best Answer 7 years ago

As others already state, plain-ol buttons with a mechanical indicator in the head. These days its easier and cheaper, (and more reliable) to have a light-up button with a (properly wired) led in parallel with the 'on' side of the circuit, so you know when its on.

It's the mechanical indicator I like best about these. Can't seem to find it through searching.

Websearch for "mechanical indicator switch" finds a few. But, yes, they're uncommon. Partly because the indicators were one more thing to wear out...

I don't find any when I web search for them. If you find any links in particular, please pass them on. Thank you

they're pretty darn rare these days.

Multi-pole latching pushbutton. Also called a latching changeover switch. Try Rapid Electronics.

They're just industrial control panel switches. They're a bit specialist, but a good electrical supply house will sell them. People like ABB, Cutler-Hammer, Klockner make them