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What is the proper way to use copyrighted materials on Instructables? Answered

I wish to use a copyrighted image in an upcoming -ible and possibly a different one as a profile picture. What is the proper way to credit the original creator as to keep my pants in their upright, non-sued-off condition?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Contact the author/creator for permission.

There are other special cases where you can use copyrighted material by simply giving credit, but it's impossible to say if you're in that neighborhood for your 'ble.  The profile picture definitely doesn't fall in there.  (Not that it doesn't stop lots of people from doing it.  Props to you for asking!)

When I need to use images that I haven't taken myself, the first place I look is Flickr Advanced Search. Scroll down to the bottom and check the "Creative Commons" box and you'll get results that, in general you can freely use in your projects.  (With credit, of course.)

I am in the process of asking for permission for the -ible, but the profile picture is definitely out.

I got permission!

Sorry, but I'd suggest replacing it with images that you do have permission for.

Technically, you can't with out written permission from the owner of the copyright.

There are several uses you can make without permission.

If you're going to do a review of the copyrighted material you are allowed to reproduce a portion of it here and as a review you would credit the owner properly.

Used in certain educational settings it is legal to use copyrighted material.  I don't think Instructables fits that definition.  But I might be wrong...

Hmm. That's what I was afraid of.

That pretty much rules out a picture as profile.

Well, the other use will be cited with the website and author directly on the image which will probably be okay. But I stlil encourage the opinions of others.