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What is the record for replies/comments on Instructables Answered

What is the record for replies/comments on Instructables, and if you guys want try to break it on this fourm.


The record number only counts for meaningful replies or comments and not back and forth RLY, O RLY, .... It helps if there was an interesting topic to start the discussion. I guess hijacking or side discussions in the thread might count also.

that should be minus one... nacho was asking if that was true i told him it was what rs2015 added was just extra if i were judge, minus 1

minus 4 points for talking back to the umpire... O YA RLY!

in deep announcer voiceand this my friends, is why we should never have bantering back and forth with RLY and O RLY...

Enough for me to start hating these types of forums.


9 years ago

remember the reply chain we had on the LED contest winners thread!

yes. 1020 or something. they deleted it due to spam and page stretching.

Here lets try to beat this, someone try to start a topic for discussion. tell people.

"More than six", and "no".