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What is the standard size dc input jack socket for music equipment i.e. mini amps and guitar effects gadgets? Answered

As quite a few people will have noticed (because i have asked so many 'beginners' questions on here) I am building a mini guitar amp.

I am wanting to use a 2.5mm or a 2.1mm dc input socket, I was just wondering if there was a 'standard' size connector. I'm sure I have heard there is one size commonly used in guitar effects pedals and equipment like that.

It doesn't really matter, because this is likely to be a one- off product, but if something breaks a few years down the line then I would like to be able to say i'd used the most common jack, so i can get a replacement.


Usual solution is pick something and count on folks using adapters... or just using a separate wall-wart for each device, which is more common.

In radioshacks catalog 2.5mm is size "m".


7 years ago

yeah cool, I think 2.5mm dc jack is very common anyway.

@Lemonie, that's a good idea although not quite necessary i don't think, i just wondered if were one of the two which is more commonly used than the other.

It depends upon what you want to plug into it. You might want the best world-wide compatibility, but ultimately you'll only be connecting a few devices to it.
How about 3 different sockets in parallel?