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What is the strangest looking insect you ever encountered? Answered

Here around me the summer is on the way!
This not only means a never ending supply of mozzies but also that after a bit of rain you have a concert every evening.
If you ever saw a game of soccer you know the sound of the whistle the referee uses - it is painful at close range.
Now imagine you relax in your garden and right next to your chair exactly this sound comes out of the ground!
Of course if you are like me and it happend during a holiday the first time you might want to investigate.
But once you move the sound stops, if it starts again and you are careful you will find a small hole in the ground that seems to be the outlet of a small speaker LOL
The really hard part is to actually get the thing producing the sound, I tried many times and out of ten I usually only get two out of the ground.
Was too lazy so I borrowed the pic from this website, which has a lot more info on the insect in question too.
What you get out of the ground looks like a cloning experiment gone wrong.
A maggot like body with legs, under-developed wings (they make the noise) and a head like something from your latest horror movie.
To top it all up you also get a lobster like claw that is surprisingly powerful.
Fun fact: The numph of the cicada is considered to be the loudest insect of earth, reaching up to 130 decibles at the hole!
And because you might think all ugly babies will be be beautiful once grown up I just say that mum and dad would not win and beauty competition either LOL
Stick insects are cool, these creatures are just out of this world!
What have you encountered that is weird enough to post?


A long time ago, I had to snake out the storm drain pipe. The cleanout plug was in a dark corner of the basement. I opened it up and ran the metal drain snake through. When I was finished and was ready to close it back up, I saw some little specks of light. I thought it was some bits of metal that scraped off the rusty drain snake and was reflecting by the flashlight. I put the flashlight down and still saw the bits of light. I looked closer and saw some moving luminous specks. Cool, radioactive algae or microscopic creatures in NYC sewers, just what I expected and didn't think much else. I never really found out what they were but this topic reminded me to look. It may have been larvae of "railroad worms", a bioluminescent beetle can glow in the dark like a firefly. The backyard had a storm drain and gutters fed into that pipe so that's how they probably ended up in there.

The Cicada, we call them Locust here in NY are big and creepy looking. We have a large harmless bug here that is like a praying mantis. Its called a Walking Stick Bug. I love showing them to my grand children.


the larval stage of ladybugs is kinda weird. I took one to be ID-ed thinking they might be harming the tree they were on.


1 year ago

This year our region saw the return of the Cicada (several periodical species) sometimes known locally as the "17 year locusts." They crawl out of the ground, climb trees, molt (leaving the old exoskeleton behind), mate and die after only a few weeks. They make quite a racket while they are here.

Freaky looking, mostly due to those red eyes.


When I live in NZ you would sometime come across a Weta They a pretty big and scary. But as a kid I hated the Huhu beetle, they fly around at night so if you left a window open you get nasty surprise when you wake up.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.26.09 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.29.19 PM.png

One similar to the left I encountered but not anywhere near that size.
-Nature can be weird is all I say LOL