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What is the ultimate glass glue? Answered

I've been looking for the ultimate glass glue. I have tried many that claim to be, but in reality they are pretty much Testors model glue in a different package. All I have come across dry a bit rubbery and while it may be desirable in some projects, with a little flexing, the glue peals away. I have seen glass glued to glass that was clear, rigid and unyielding. So I know that it does exist. Suggestions.....



3 months ago

Where can you buy universal space age glue

uv glue "bohle" is good


4 years ago

This site recommends a UV glue but has a couple other options too www.gluehow.com/recommendation/glass/to/glass

The stuff used professionally are UV light cured, they are used for cementing lenses together and are described as "water clear"



Thanks for the link. The UV route seems to be the best from the research I have done on the suggestions. The cool thing with your link is when a surfin' for UV products the pricing was outrageous. At least these guys are in my budget.

They do indeed HOWEVER Glass is hard to glue as the surface is soo smooth.

Glues work in a number of ways: Some penetrate the surfaces with tiny tenderals and them polymerize -(set hard) - Thus linking the parts together, Some combine chemically with the materials to form alloys (solders) and some fill in minor irregularities such as all surfaces have to the point where the materials can bond through their atomic forces as they are effectivl;y so closs together.

In principle if you can get 2 surfaces smooth enough for the atomic forces to interact they will bond/fuse together without glue.

Glass is a very smooth surface and at best should be roughened to give the glue a key and a bonding type glue should be used Epoxy resins are the usual approach at home.

There are a stream of results here of all types of approach


The glass to Glass glues I suggested are clear and sold in small tube for the home market. Apart from silicone caulk all of the construction glues are designed for porous surfaces and are not clear when dry.

Try Weldbond. Its bottle says its a "Universal Space Age Adhesive". I use the stuff for just about everything. It works well on wood, paper, glass, tile, china, porcelain, marble, fabric, leather, styrofoam, metal and many other materials. It dries clear and rock hard. I've used it on glass and I was very happy with the results. It works like a typical white glue, clean up with water, but once its dry its almost indestructible.

Firstly, Thanks
Curious...being water based. Will water weaken the bond after drying? Does the glass need to be etched for adhesion? I looked this product up on it's corporate website but the testimonials will always be beaming.

Well I wouldn't use it for something that would hold water. Then I'd use a silicone based product, like something used to hold aquariums together. I haven't been to their website, and I agree you can't believe eveything you read anyways, but in this case I don't think the product is considered waterproof. (But then again, I don't know, as I haven't tried). - I answered your other question below...

The glue used to glue car mirrors back on is pretty good.

Here in the UK you can buy clear glass glue in the DIY shops UV (sunlight) curing.

would I be looking for something in a caulking tube? I know some of the construction adhesives have incredible durability.

Ultimate glass to glass glue? Get it hot and fuse them together.

It doesn't suggest that you have to, and I didn't when I used it for glass. I had a glass ornament that I fixed, and you can hardly tell there was a break; and because its inexpensive, its worth trying on whatever you're doing. Its the only stuff I found that works on styrofoam, but now I use it for everything.

What about glue made for aquariums?

I've tried that. The silicone is good for keeping water out, but flexes too much for my tastes.

I used a glue called craft bond. I glued a glass mirror to a piece of metal and it held real well.