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What is this? Answered

I think this is a sword. It says pakistan on it and it has a K on the front. Please help me identify it.


It appears to be a replica or prop sword/dagger.

Its not a replica because its the real thing but i would like to know the name if anybody could find out.

I meant that since swords have no practical use these days it might be a replica of a historical sword, or type of sword, or a replica of a prop from a movie, TV show, or video game. If it's not one of those then it is just a collector sword somebody dreamed up, designed to be collected and displayed.
"The real thing", an actual sword from way back in medieval times, would not have "Pakistan" on it (didn't exist as such) and would not have anything stamped or machine engraved on it at all (tech didn't exist).

A close up picture of the "K" might help identify the company that made it and from there what it's supposed to be.

My money would be on replica of a prop or just a random design because the handle is unnecessarily long and ancient blacksmiths would not have been able to make those crazy shapes near the bottom of the blade.

Well then there was no original so it couldnt be replicated haha. Thats what im saying. Ill try to get more on it later.

Cool looking is what it is.
How big?
Dont use it for anything if it says pakistan. Itll break & flyback & cut you.

Its about 3 to 4 feet. I will measure it and come back with the right info later. It is very sturdy and i highly doubt it will break because the metal is all one piece.