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What is this Yellow/Orange color in Quartz rock? Answered

In the picture, what is the Yellow/Orange stuff?


Citrine is superheated amethyst, and that doesn't look right. Also doesn't look quite right for iron oxide staining, since iron oxide is what we commonly call rust, and it's often closer to an actual rust color on quartz, too, though not always. There are many websites and books that give better information, and community college geology departments are really good for answering these questions.You may not find much on websites, because most of that info focus on crystalline quartz (mainly higher quality stuff), and agate/jasper under cryptocrystalline, and most don't touch on the white quartz "chunk rock" you've got there.
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Looks like a iron oxide stain from tumbling along the river bottom.

Without a better look I'd say it was a stain, likely an iron compound.


5 years ago

If it was transparent it would be called CITRINE, the yellow and orange variety of quartz. You can look up a lot about it. Here is one page that is pretty good.

And another page.

Quartz has all kinds of colors, the clear crystals are often called semi precious gem stones.

The most accurate answer is "an impurity".

It could be one or more of many possible substances that leached into the crystal as it formed. It really depends where it came from. Possibly an iron compound, iron pyrite, maybe?