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What is this called and where can I get some? Answered

I'm looking to make a camera support shoulder rig with adjustable / fold away handled and I am trying to locate a component.

It is similar to the image in the link below, but smaller as this one seems to be for a car...

The idea is that two of them interlock with a bolt through the middle.

Does anyone know what it is called? And even where I could get some from? 

Many thanks :)



Best Answer 3 years ago

Very familiar with the design and usage, but I also have no idea what to call it. One facet of its design is that, rather than being completely adjustable, it limits positioning to about 60 alignments, which would discourage the photographer in me from incorporating it for camera positioning. Might be just fine for a folding handle, though. I suggest you look on Amazon under camera clamps and mounts; there are many interesting mounts with good potential for hacking, many costing under $10. You could easily spend that much just buying a set of the pictured hardware. Happy creating!

It's a rosette bracket!

Thanks again for the help :)

Movcam Rosette Hand Grip Adaptor (15mm 19mm).jpg

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Good thinking! I've been trying to find some, but completely blanked on cheaper stuff on Amazon. The plan for them is to use for handles that fold out and lock.

Name wise, the closest I've gotten is 'Stay plate', 'toothed disc' or 'toothed washer' - but the washers tend to be more specific in as much as for wood projects etc.

Anyways, thanks for the help. :)

You might do a search for wedgelock washers (Nordloc is brand Name) McMaster - Carr caries them