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What is this component called? Answered

I don't suppose anyone would happen to know the technical name for this type of switch? I'll be using one in an Instructable I am currently making, but am unable to find this kind of switches name (if indeed it does meet the specifications of a 'switch'). Thank you.


This is accurately described as a leaf switch. However, I would usually just call it a contact switch. If I was being totally pedantic I would call it a push-to-make leaf switch or a normally open (N.O.) leaf switch. These switches do exist in push-to-break form( N.C. normally closed) and also centrifugal (p2m and p2b) form. Cheers, Pat. Pending

searching through Allelectronics site, there are a few micro and leaf switches; here are some microSwitches


10 years ago

It's just a switch. Unenclosed and probably custom made for minimal cost for a particular application, so you won't find a commercial off-the-shelf version to buy anywhere. This sort of "barebones" switch is pretty common as a "limit switch" in assorted electromechanical toys; in the case of a disposable camera, they're designed to be tripped by the same mechanics that moves the shutter (a relatively small spring.) As "disposable", they're probably missing any of the fancy internal features of modern switches like corrosion resistant metals at the contact points, or metals in the springs good for many thousands of activations. The closest "standard" switch is probably called a "microswitch" or "limit switch", but will look quite different. Switches with exposed contacts are just not something that electronics switch companies like to make.

Cheers for all the info. Yeah from what you said, and subsequent searches, it would seem "leaf switch" best defines it. Thank you for the input, and all the other interesting information. Taking into account it's disposable (and thus rare nature) it does still seem like the right component for the Instructable as it demonstrates the purpose of a homemade equivalent soo perfectly. Thank you everyone for your help.

On a bit more searching, it seems that "leaf switch" is a better answer. I could find some manufacturers, but I didn't see any standard product lines at the usual distributors...

See if leaf switch gets you anywhere in your search. What you have there looks like a very tiny version of an arcade machine leaf switch. They had a tendency to stop making contact after a few hundred zillion duty cycles so they were replaced with micro switch buttons and joysticks.

I was after the name so I could mention it in my Instructable. But considering that it would seem their pretty hard to come by I think I may consider using a different switch. cheers anyway for your help.

It's a micro switch. You usually can only find that type of switch in old electronics. Good luck trying to find a place that sells them. I've been looking for a place that sells that type of switch for a while. Unless... you have already found a place that sells them... eh?

ditto, I've spent a while looking for a place that sells these too. But with no luck. It looks like I'll have to rummage through my electronics junk and start scavenging for them, or like kruser495 said, make my own.

Yeah thats where this particular one came from.

Strange... I have never seen that type of component before.. never have.. never will. You can probably Google "switches" or components or something.. maybe it'll show up.