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What is this component? is it a solid state relay? Answered

i want to know if it is a solid state relay. i got it in an old photocopier matsushita.

on the component it is written 
input    DC4~7v

it has 4 leads out. 2 small and 2 big. I googled it but no success
and if you know explain to me how this component works. it has  a large heatsink on the top


The object in your blurry pictures is indeed a solid state relay. 

I could not find the exact data sheet for this SSR, but I found this which is similar:

The way it works is you put the leads labeled "output" in series with an AC source and an AC load.  

When you apply a DC voltage, in the range 4 to 7 volts, to the leads labeled "input", the magical silicon switch inside closes, and AC current flows to your AC load. 

See also:


thank you but can i also drive a dc load with it

Regarding the question of switching a DC load:

It might turn on, but not turn off. If the switch is a TRIAC, basically two back-to-back SCRs, then it relies on the fact that the AC waveform to go zero periodically, to turn itself off.

Also note, in such a "stuck" turned on state, it will turn off if the current is interrupted, e.g. by opening another switch in series with the load, or just unplugging things.

but i really did not see it anyway thank you