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What is this for and how do I use it? Answered

I found this a few years ago but I just took it apart to see what was in it and this is it. They are wired together to a two way plug. Would it be possible for someone explain what it is for and its purpose, and how I can use it for something?

Thank you

BTW I forgot to ask can I test these with my multimeter or will it be to much for it? If I can what do i Set it on to test it. Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

 What you have appears to be, as ripstikfan mentioned above, a capacitor bank. The two large capacitors are wired in parallel, resulting in a net capacitance that's the sum of the individual capacitances. Something like this could see use in, for example, a very large rectifier. The 55000 MFD on the side most likely means these are 55 milifarad caps (you might think the m would mean mili, not micro, but an experience with large capacitors has taught me that this is not the case).

In any event, these capacitors could have uses in a number of high power systems/projects, such as a spot welder or rail/coil gun. That said, be very mindful of the voltage rating (don't try hooking it straight to wall mains, for example, or you'll end up with some heartache and eyes full of hot electrolytic goop :-< )

Hope that helps,

My first instinct when I saw the wiring was that these are some kind of batteries.  Once I took a closer look at them, I realized that they are most likely capacitors (think:  the small ones in disposable cameras, computer boards, ect, but much bigger).  You should be extremely careful with the terminals as they could be still energized.


Just thinking aloud here:
  Most capacitors that I have seen have a uF rating, meaning microfarads.  Does anyone know if the 'MFD' is the old symbol for uF?


Yes. MFD = uF = microfarad = 10-6 farad. I have seen this abbreviation before. 

It looks like that box has two 55 000 uF capacitors wired in parallel for a total of 110 000 uF, or 0.11 F.

Either an old power supply filter or a filter for a motor...perhaps for an old tape drive circa 1980s.

They probably came out of a very large computer power supply.

The wiring is just 4 wires going down to 2 in the out plug. There is 2 +pos
going into 1 and then 2-neg going into 1 for the ground.

From the bottom picture they have a little sticker on the and ther are as,
Bottom left = E1 which is + POS  /  Top left = E2 which is - Nev.
Bottom right = E3 which is + POS / Top Right = E4 which is - Nev.

Thats it just the 2 + going into 1 out and 2 - going into 1out

Any more questions please just ask.

Can you add a picture with the rest of the writing on it or edit the answer to include it, the things inside appear to be monstrous capacitors, if they are then there could be a few uses, fairly fun ones too.

i am by no means any expert at all but it looks like a cap. bank