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What is this on my television screen? Answered


That appears to be physical damage to the actual matrix of the screen itself, there is likely no repair for it at all.. Either live with it or replace it, the screen has suffered some form of a damaging impact in that area. There is no economically-worthwhile fix for this, sadly. This is not related to electronics, this is damage to the screen-matrix itself. It appears to be damage from a blunt-force impact to the screen, perhaps such as someone falling shoulder-first into the screen directly. Either live with it or replace it. You can possibly sell this to someone willing to accept the defect, but at a considerable loss. Better than tossing it in the trash though, because at least you might recover something for it. Sorry to tell you, there is absolutely no fix for this short of replacing the screen-matrix....and for that cost, you could just replace the entire device and have cash left over. Live with it or replace it, there is no cure. I see three damaged areas on that screen, most-likely due to actual physical impacts to the screen itself. That is one well-battered LCD TV...You should take better care of your expensive electronics, or stop the wild kegger-parties when that tv is exposed to your guests.

I dont think it is physical damage cause it only shows up on certain pictures, sometimes i dont notice it unless it switches to a certain commercial or if im playong a certain video game

Has the LCD screen been exposed to high heat/temperature changes, maybe sitting in direct sunlight, been bumped into or pressed too hard while cleaning the screen? It may be the polarizing layers of the screen may be damaged where they are shifted/bent out of alignment. If the damaged area shows crazy colors or you see something odd with the power turned off there may be some internal damage. I'll bet It's probably out of warranty if it needs repair. Good luck.

well, my tv is in the basement where there is no window, and when it is off or no device is plugged in, there is no weird black spot