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What is this shell? Answered

#2 bought this shell at a charity shop.

It's about 12cm long, and feels quite thin.

Any ideas what it might be? 


I've done a fairly thorough hunt through HERE, doing a Google image search for any promising looking families and found nothing you could call a close match. 
The general shape does look most like one of the Conidae group but I can't find anything with that distinctive crown.
Next school trip to the Natural History Museum . . . ?

Cool - #2 son says "thanks".

(Now he wants me to find a picture of a "live" example...)

Conches are heavier, with a more pointy, knobbed shape. Like this.

Hmm... maybe it's a kind of Acteon. It has the similar coloured banding.


Conch is applied to a number of different species, you've linked a familiar one there. The aceton doesn't have the slightly-spiky crown that you've got.


That linked one was typical of the conchs on the site you found.

Let's see what others come up with...

(Oh, and I'm trying this same question on the NHM forums as well: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/natureplus/thread/3318 )

Good grief... natural harpooners.

I found a snail shell on the beach, put it in the ear and gave me a busy tone. Whenever I have bad luck!


7 years ago

Its a conch shell.