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What is this song? Answered

On the Discovery Channel's new ad, what song is it based on? I know I've heard it somewhere before...AH...video embed isn't working, but here is the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jmtjQPMjm1k


Now to just strip it of the lyrics & find someone willing to sing the new lyrics for me & I'm set.

hey check this out, I made it for an 'ible I am working on.

Well after about fifteen minutes of searching and listening to Discovery channels cool rendition I may have you an answer... check out the live one they did on stage, also pretty cool. LIVELIVE

(Sullivan/Heaton) 1988

The link to the original lyrics HEREHERE... my wife remembered singing it in girl scouts and told me it was much longer.

Boom di atta boom di atta boom di atta boom!

Cool! I bet that's what it's based on. I knew it had to be based on some old song...thanks! And thanks to your wife as well!

That live version was also cool.

. Well? You gonna let the rest of us know? I didn't recognize it (and will probably be embarrassed when I find out). . I'm with Firebert, it gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

. OIC! You were replying to Firebert. I thought you meant ... oh, never mind.

Wow! Great Song! Love the ad! I like there other ad with the mute math song typical.

Here is the music video for the song. It is a really cool song and video.

10 years ago

Heh. "boom de ada" is a pretty unique string, you know. Apparently it's a "campfire song" taught to scouts and such. The original seems to be a short little ditty:
I love the mountainsI love the rolling hills,I love the fountains,I love the daffodils,I love the fireside,When all the lights are low.Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da,  (etc)

Rise up Singing (a rather brilliant and useful book of 1200 "folk" songs, not to mention the "teach tapes") has slightly different words, says it's a round with the title "I Love the Flowers" and doesn't give an attribution (which is pretty definitive...)

Thanks...I thought it sounded kinda like a campfire song.


10 years ago

The music sure sounds like "Heart and soul"....

I have no clue, but that commercial makes me feel fuzzy inside XD