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What is this statue thinking? Round One! Answered

I just thought of this, while I'm doing my schoolwork. I just thought of that statue called "The Thinker", thinking "...pepperoni or extra cheese?" Lol. Think of it as a fancy lolcat. I iz wantin' ur captions! I couldn't get the oval tool or anything else to work right in Photoshop (to make a thought bubble), so I just typed it like a lolcat.

What else could he be thinking?


I'm so hungry I could eat my knuckles...


10 years ago

"DAMN those pigeons!"

I am not going to say "lol", but I really want to.
Here's what I'll say instead.


Where did you find that? That was freaking hilarious!

I can't find the joke...I just see a picture of the statue. It doesn't seem the text under it has anything to do with it.

It's over under the "Tales from America - Two Statues" text area, not near the picture of the statue. The site in general is pretty ... questionable, but it was the most solitary version of the joke I could find easily.

ROFLMAO ROFL mao/mayo sammiches

Lol, under the statue picture:

Cops pulled you over?
Dads Against Madd Mothers



Damn this itches! wonder where I got this from? Proberbly that hitch hiker I picked up, last time i give her a ride! ~ Family Guy


10 years ago

Why did you stick that bomb up my a**?

(the Cleveland Art Museum's casting of The Thinker was bombed in 1970. it remains in pretty much the same condition...)


"That night in the hot tub, that doesn't mean I'm gay? Does it?"

"Umm, what was it that I was supposed to do?"

It's just a mouse...it's just a mouse...it's just a mouse...

Where oh where has my little dog gone ?

"I better move, or I'll be petrified in stone..."

I look like that during a tough chess match LOL

He's thinking

If I was cow... dis bee hoof'n mouf

hehehe i used gimp tools:freehand select, select by color, eraser,fill with pattern.


10 years ago

"I wish I had a magazine."

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten so much cheese, it always binds me up." LOL

We should have different topics of, Photoshop the Instructables Robot! or something like that. I am going to try and add something to The Thinker in GIMP.