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What is this thing? Answered

Newbie here. I found this thing at my local thrift shop. I have no idea what this thing is. It looks like a water purifier, water distiller, or an ionizer but I don't know. There are no brand names on it, except a meyco grommet and a voss band clamp. It has two lights that go in the stainless steel globe that is attached to the main pot. There is a connector that attaches to a faucet. It is very strange. If anyone has any information, it would really be helpful. Thanks.



They make UV water sterilizers that you can hook up to your sink that supposed to kill the bacteria and stuff in your tap water.

Hook it up to the sink and see what it does when you run water through it. It looks like (from my guess) a device to treat tap water for drinking, then you could just flip a switch and have regular water for washing dishes and stuff.
Once you figure out what the water part does you should plug it in to the wall.

The "do not view bulb directly" warning would probably make it a UV lamp, or one with lots of UV output (unless it is SUPER bright). UV's are used many times to sterilize things. This appears made for liquids. No suggestion as to it's actual use come to mind at the moment. but those are my observations so far.