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What is this tool? Answered

I'm cleaning out my junk drawer.  This whatever-it-is is going to the recycling center if I don't foresee having a use for it.  It appears to be some kind spatula?  It's made of #5 plastic and measures 11"x 1".

What the heck IS it and what is it used for?


Its a swiffer holder thing i think

Yep you have a winner. Its a tool used for dusting, but it is missing the refillable sleeve of fiber duster that fits over the prongs. You can buy the duster (without the handle aka this tool) at any store where they sell cleaning products.

It goes to a dusting thing. you can buy replacement pads for it at most grocery store in the cleaning isle.

Pues tiene toda la pinta de una espátula para tortillas o así, aunque es de plástico y eso me desconcierta.

it's spoon type tool.

could kitchen towel (or similar) be secured in the loops and then the whole device used to clean the slats of venetian blinds?

Ahhh! Or take one of those fancy brand specific microfiber cleaning cloths?

I think it's the handle for one of those Swiffex style dusters.
Horrendously disposable crap holder.
You slide the prongs into the duster's straps, and away you go.

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