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What is this tool? Answered

It has segments that screw off, with springs inside. Top is pointy but not sharp



Best Answer 1 year ago

Boy are you lucky , my mind reading ability is high just now..

It is an impact punch.

After adjustment pressing the tool against a metal plate and push till it strikes and makes a starter dent for a drill bit.

Buyer be ware !

The recent ones I purchased work very poorly and if you attempt to take it apart.. Now, it now is a LEFT HAND thread, so you have to tighten to loosen this one !!!!

Also doubt it is brass, But some kind of yellow pot metal.

sorry my photo didn't successfully attach. Yes, it is an automatic center punch. You have good ESP. Bad news for me, was in sons bag and police say it's used to easily break car windows to prowl them. Erg

I use them to dislodge geode internal silicon dioxide (rock) hard as glass structures.. A tip is scared differently on glass then when used on metal..

An analysis of the unit may show it was not used on glass...

Best hopes for your circumstances...


1 year ago

Well, a better question than "what is this body part" but not by much.

"Its red and gray an has fuzz and is flat with little rocks stuck in it."

"What is a squirll tail that has been run over by a truck?"

Could be a de-solder pump, could be a ballpoint pen, could even be a beth-yn-galw, your guess is as good as mine!

What is this? :
It hangs on the wall and makes tick-tock, tick-tock all day long.
When it falls down the garage opens.

A piano?
An inflatable elephant?
Alien technology?
Could go on but fail to see the point in guesswork....