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What is this tool for? Answered

Can anyone tell me what this tool is for?


I came across it all rusted and thought it was some type of pliers or cutter. After I cleaned it up I could tell it was probably neither. What I thought was a plier jaw is actually one piece and does not close and what i thought maybe the cutting blade, actually had lines and numbers, like a ruler.

The one small screw that the spring is attached to, will allow you to adjust how far the jaw/cutter will close and the other screw, when loosened a bit allows you to slide the little metal 'arm' in or out, like a measuring template.

It has some fancy designs on the handles as you can see and the only marking says "Made in Western Germany".


Found this at a garage sale. It’s wooden. And I’m wondering what it is.


Can anyone tell me what this set of rings are called or used for?


Thanks for the quick and accurate responses. I want losing sleep over not knowing but I was pretty curious.

Would it be asking too much if I also asked if anyone could explain (or show via video maybe) how it was/is used.



4 years ago

While it could be a saw tooth bender with
adjustment or bend limits with the spring screw able to limit the closing the handles.
I do not believe the pressing adjustable S steel is stiff enough for a saw.

Instead this could be a tool to stepwise roll  or partially bend a metal or hardboard foil.
Not just straight line but in a curved arc.

I hope I didn't come off like a jerk.

Not at all.
I really enjoy learning new tools.

When at a garage-sale..  I enjoy mentally understanding the weird gadgets
that people are trying to sell.

Now that sounds like a great hobby. I love estate sales for all of the randomness and weird.

Ok definitely a saw maintenance tool.