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What is this tool Answered

Does anyone know what this tool is?



My guess it that its a custom made tool for a specific job.
The lines seem to be eyeballed/shaped to feel & the posts through the handle are placed kinda haphazardly. The blade near the pivot peeking out like that suggests handmade to me too.
Where did you get it? Was your grand dad handy?

Just saw on haunted collector something that looked just like this.
Its a civil war bloodletting knife. took me forever to find this post. :) Phew!



The over all length is almost 61/2"
The only part of the blade that is sharp is the part that looks like an arrow head, the rest of the blade is dull and has never been sharpened. It is hard to see in the pic but there is a small bump at the very end of the blade. The blade opens back on it's self, (see bottom pic).

The blade has writting and I think it says:

Burgess or Burgesl
Willows 40

I don't think this is home make because when the blade is closed the handle has a notch that matches the profile of the blade. I am talking about the part of the blade that looks like an arrow head.

Closed.jpgOpen #1.jpgOpen #2.jpg

Yay for scifi channel or A&E I cant remember what channel haunted collector is on.
I was only a couple hours before the guys with real info too. lol
Glad you got it solved.
Where did you find it? You have medical people in the family?

I think the suggestion below that this is a 19th Century bloodletting knife, or fleam, is correct.

Take a look at some of the instruments here and here.

Notice how several of them have the "arrowhead" attached to the side of the blade. This part would be the actual cutting instrument, while the rest of the blade is more of a drain.

The detailed shape of the handle is likely specific to the manufacturer (here "Burgess, 40 Willows, London").


the existence of another victorian era fleam made by Burgess Willows would seem to support the assumption even further

A really poorly designed single edge men's or women's shaving razor or maybe a clam knife of some sort, the pointy bit on the edge is a gauge of some sort to check the legal size limit for harvesting? Is there a sharp honed edge to the blade or is it blunt?

no better set of tools than the ones attached to the end of your hand, opposing thumb included.

So this may be a harvesting knife of some sort. Maybe for cutting mushrooms off the whatever. Could be a budding or grafting knife, depending on the size of it.