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What is up with all the 'bots? Answered

I have gotten many comments on one of my Instructables from what appears to be 'bots. It's getting annoying and makes me wonder what they're getting out of it besides phishing for me to go to their websites (digitalsyndrome.com, for example).

They have names like shoppingwombat, sneerstab, massespolenta, washtoes, mildfrequent, monkeyglom, etc.; either no pictures or photos of actresses as avatars. They describe themselves as "Unapologetic twitter advocate. Food maven. Problem solver. General analyst. Wannabe web specialist." and other inane terms. 

Although they seem to abide by the rules of the site by being polite and use two-word comments like "that's calme" (sic), "Its trendy", "Its ideal", and so on, they are really getting to be a pain.

Has anyone at Instructables looked into this obvious spamming?  Thanks!


You are welcome to flag anything that looks suspicious and we'll investigate. You can also shoot us an email at service@instructables.com with links and we'll investigate.

Excellent! I'll do that. Thanks to all of you for the quick replies.

If you see anything suspicious, please flag as spam and we can review and remove it :)

I see the comments you're talking about.

I agree, although they have broken no rules, they do make my spam-senses tingle. I'll alert the admins to keep a weather eye on them.

Thanks, Kiteman. I appreciate your looking into it.