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What is wrong with my Xbox 360? Answered

I have been playing my sims 3 pets game while being off for summer and this problem has only started to happen over the past few days, the game keeps freezing either on the loading screen for the game or it will not let me make the sims do anything.
Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix this problem?


Check the disk. Could be the save file has gotten corrupted on the HDD. Are you having problems with any other games?

Thanks for your comment,
I haven't got any problems with any other games, when I started a new game on sims it was fine it never froze so as you said the save file must have been corrupted.
How does my saved file become corrupted?

It can happen over time. The sectors on the HDD that the save file is on can get worn out. All it takes is a couple of bits in that sector to get flipped around by accident to mess up the file. It can easily happen to sectors that are constantly being updated.

Oh okay thank you :) so does that happen if I save my game too regularly?

Its a totally random thing that happens from time to time. In a PC small errors are easily corrected by the OS. But over time and with heavy use a HDD does start to wear out and errors can occur more often. Eventually reaching the point when the HDD is so far corrupted you loose your data and have to replace the drive.

I don't own an xbox 360 so i don't know if there are ways you can back up your save files. If there are i suggest you do it from time to time.