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What is wrong with my flyback transformer? please help asap. Answered

so i have a flyback transformer and i was testing the continuity of the pins and my first two pins were together and then my 3rd and 8th were together and that was it. no other pin pair set it of. i tested every pin multiple times with every other pin and got nothing. my first pair also showed a reading of 2.4 ish ohms and my second pair showed 1.5 ish ohms. what is going on? im trying to find out where to hook up my power suply so i can just get some simple arcs. are those the primary and secondary coils and the rest ground? PLEASE  HELP


If it had not been for the "please help asap" part of your question, I would have had to wait 6 weeks to answer your question, because it must not be important if it doesn't say "asap".

As for your response to steveastrouk's answer, it wasn't necessary to go as far as to say "that is a terrible response."

As for your actual question, you probably are using an incorrect power supply or you are not wiring it correctly.

no it was not neccesary, had i been in a better mood and not already of done that it would have been helpful. i was just being douchey

After a response like that, you can spin on it.

Never bite the hand that feeds you!

A picture of what you have might be a help.