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What is wrong with my instructables account Answered

My instructables account won't stop signing out on me!
It lasts about 30 seconds then times out
Cookies on\
Using I.E. (newest version)
I have only had this problem with instructables ARGH!!


Are you still having problems with this, or has it cleared up?

Still p.o.ed i cant keep logged in, but I did Clear ALL cookies and re-logged in, I think there is some virusware cookie that is doing this, because when I cleared my cookies it started working perfectly again.

Did you clear only your cookies, or did you also clear your cache/history?  The latter appears to be "fixing" (argh!) these problems for many users. 

Also, if you have your broswer configured more securely, it should give you a pop-up asking you whether you want to accept or reject each cookie.  You can then specifically allows instructables.com cookies, but reject others (especially, you can reject cookies from advertisers).

I'm glad to hear it's working now.  Yeah, that'd be one mean cookie if it was the culprit.  We're trying to rework things on our end to help any way we can, the problem is that we can't recreate the problem, no matter what we try.  No one that we know can recreate it to show us either, so we're having a tough time tracking it down to specifics.

The dev-team is looking into our cookies and how we pass them out, and are trying to rethink it in a way that might create less problems.

Please repost or email the info account (if you're having trouble posting).  It it does get to that state again, then there's a chance we can troubleshoot and try to figure out what the actual culprit is, so we can clear it out.

i'm in the same boat, i've cleared my cache several times (in fact this didn't start happening till i did clear my cache for something else. i can't even post in IE8 at the moment, when i go to post it tells me my session has expired. i can only post with firefox.

A number of users have been reporting this during the past week or so.  Have you tried "clearing your cache" (also called "deleting history").  You don't need to delete cookies.