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What is wrong with this picture? Answered

Look really carefully and you will see it.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Either the two bottom dates, the amount of instructables you posted because i think one says 65 and the other 66, or the feature comment flag is only on two. Knex gun builder says "haha all guns are sh*t XD".

I give you best answer because of the last thing you said =D


7 years ago

lol XD

Maybe it was the energy transfer mech, it was put in wrong; or that the case with mine. But I will never build it again because it misfired on me when I had it; and It almost BROKE my finger >:(

lol, i made one for my mate and the pin broke after 2 bands XD

wtf, thats wired. I have a wierd type of pin for my TR gun. I might make a video of it SOMETIME =D

Im making the the Mk2 of the S.A.R. 8 =D

Is not doing so well; I cant get it to shoot more than 19 meters >:( The turret still works though. The trigger also does not click into place sometimes. Im really trying not to rage!!!

lol, 19 meters is far considering 95% of knexers lie about range lol XD

19 meters is nothing but a joke and a reason to make slingshot guns. I am almost guaranteed to be done with guns that use firing pins due to the TERRIBLE range that 90% of them get. Im apart of the 5% who dont lie; I am one of the few to trust; KILLERK and DJ Radio dont lie =D

lol XD all the guns i make, the bullet would be luky to leave the barrell XDXDXD

Have you ever seen the turret pistol thingy by Mepain? Im going to see if its worth the gold it really is =D

I think the only thing that lets it down is the fact that is is a BlOcK trigger gun :/

Thats exactly what I had in mind =D Somehow incorporate a true trigger onto it =D

try my dual revolver pistol trigger, it should work =D

The Turret pistol project has been canceled due to inefficiency and not shooting more than 15 meters.


7 years ago


true, alot of capacity but added weight =D

TR-8 dont have much weight at all, and they are more reliable than a BR-36 or TR-18. I want to combine my Creeping Death Mk4 bow with my S.A.R. 8 Mk1 and make my own version of KnexFreak360's Overkill XD

It would probably weigh 2kg, or 4.5 lbs XD

How well did pump action guns ever work for you when you still built guns?

Not building the knexsayer then, if it did that =(

I hope all pump actions dont break like that, I really want to build on that wont break =D