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What is your favorite Sci-Fi book? Answered

I am currently reading Ender's Game, and so far, it has been one of the best books I have read. I don't usually read for pleasure, but some books just hook me, and I am trying to find more of those books. So, please list some of your favorite Sci-Fi books, I am eager to get a few of them.


Ender's Game is one of my absolute favorites! I read it about every year!
Card has a lot of other great books too, not necessarily sci-fi.
Hitchhikers guide and the rest of the misnamed trilogy.

I've been reading the first "The Science Fiction Hall of Fame". If you can find it, get it! It has sci-fi stories from 1936. it amazing to see what they were thinking of back then.

Thank you for differentiating between sci-fi and fantasy. They are so different that they rarely go together. Just my $.02.

I liked the Comedic Sci-Fi Book called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
A really great book!

I'm an old school sci fi junkie, my favorite authors (check gutenberg) H. Beam. Piper, C.M. Kornbluth, Alfred Bester, and James Blish. Select books from these guys Little Fuzzy (piper) Gladiator at Law(kornbluth) The Demolished Man and The Stars my Destination(bester) and Black Easter and A Case of Conscience.(blish)

Is 20,000 Leauges Under the Sea considered Sci-Fi? I really like that book.

yeah, you could consider that sci-fi

I got the call number for it in my library, so I will take it out on Monday. Thanks!

If you like stories with ROBOT characters with clones as a bonus Check out Journey Through Deceit by Jerry Sager!

The Tommyknockers, it might be considered sci-fi, but oh, well, I still like it. LOTR, all three of them. The Hobbit was good too.

As far as novels: the Foundation trilogy Dune The Martian Chronicles I, Robot (Isaac Asimov's original) along with his other robot anthologies and novels Pebble in the Sky Enemy Mine Childhood's End The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Rendezvous with Rama

Thanks :-) Three times I have tried to read "Stranger in a strange land" and I keep running out of free time and never get far into it (and then forget what the first chapter is about and have to start over again *sigh*)

2001: A Space Odyssey is a good one and i just got done with that one, right now im reading 2010: odyssey 2, both are also really good movies, except the second movie is called 2010: the year we make contact

There is also 2063 and then 3001. All excellent and well worth reading in sequence.

Airbourne and Skybreaker. Two of the coolest books I've ever read. Ender's Game was pretty good, the sequels were ungodlylike boring though.

Dragon's Egg

(unfortunately out of print, I think)

Has anybody read Wheelers by Cohen & Stewart? Is it any good?

Hmmm... - Kindred - Ender's Game - Fahrenheit 451 And I just started read Hitchhiker's Guide, I like it so far. :)


10 years ago

I've been reading old SF to my kids, and ... some of it hasn't aged very well. A fair amount of SF is written for SF readers: it assumes a certain amount of knowledge about space, science, and the tropes of SF, much of which is no longer "current."
But in any case:
Heinlein: I prefer "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" over SiaSL.
Brunner: The Shockwave Rider.
Zelazny: his most popular works are the Amber books, which are more fantasy than sci-fi, but he had some "harder" material, especially in short stories, that is very good.
Rand: Atlas Shrugged.
Bujold: Vorkosigan saga. This is a series of books, IMO one of the best series ever. While individual books stand alone story-wise, there is cross-book character development at a phenomenally lovely level. I suppose my favorite is "Komar" followed by "A Civil Campaign", bit you'll miss a lot if you read them first. (get the free electronic version of The Mountains of Morning for a sample.
Niven: "Protector" and the short stories seem to have held up ok.

. Robert Heinlein's "Stranger In A Strange Land" is one of my favorites, but it may not be appropriate for some younger readers.

I have that as the fourth book I intend to take out of my school library. I am thinking of taking out Dune, and Ender's Shadow.

. Be sure to at least sample Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

Ender's Game got really repetitive. I like the Dune Butlerian Jihad series.

The only two sci-fi books I have ever been able to read are The Hitchhiker's Guide, and The Time Machine. Any others I have ever tried to read just never got finished. Unless you count 1984 as a sci-fi book. I'm going to try Ender's Game since I was told to read it by people on here. It better be good...

I definitely recommend Ender's Game. I am in the middle of it and it is really really good. Definitely read it.


10 years ago

Either Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein or Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card are my Faves in this genre. Tunnel in the Sky has Sci-Fi elements but I can see where some might not call it true Sci-Fi.

Just posted when i saw your post but i had a look and of the top 20 I've read 15 of them. Favourite humorous- Hitchhikers. Favourite deep, meaning- Stranger.

I've started reading some Stephen Baxter books. I'm a bit a fan of older sci-fi; Verne, H.G.Wells, etc. Baxter did an authorized sequel to The Time Machine called The Time Ships and i think its brilliant but i first read his book, Raft and that got me hooked. Just my opinion FWIW!

Gone With the Wind

not Sci-Fi, but I love it :]


10 years ago

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, although I also enjoy Asimov.

who would read when you can watch? ok out of the few books i HAVE read, i like pendragon...read that about 4 years ago but still lol.